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Jugs Indoor Lime Green versus Onix Pure 2 Indoor
  updated Sunday, December 9, 2018
  posted Sunday, December 9, 2018
  filed in Articles
  by Petio Zahariev, Rahemin (Ray) Nanji
Back in April 2017, Petio Zahariev did a detailed analysis of both the Jugs Indoor Lime Green ball and the Onix Pure 2 Indoor ball. He shares with us those findings and his article.

In the December 2018 Newsletter, I mentioned that in my opinion, the Jugs Indoor Lime Green ball felt only slightly lighter and only slightly softer than the now discontinued Onix Pure 2 Indoor ball.

The suggestion behind my opinion was that if you liked the playability of the Onix Pure 2 Indoor, then you'd probably like the playability of the Jugs Indoor Lime Green.

Little did I know that back in April 2017, one of our members, Petio Zahariev, had taken the time to dissect both balls and compare their specs!

Petio was kind enough to share his findings and his original article with us:

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