CLUB HOURS: Mon - Fri: 8am to 12 noon

COVID Vaccination Policy

We will follow the current Provincial recommendations.

Registering to Play

When you enter the club we would request that you change your footwear from street shoes to non-marking court shoes.

Please then proceed to the program administrators table and check off your name if you have been here before or register your name if you are new. This is when you would pay your daily drop in fee in Canadian Dollars. American funds are accepted at par value.

Convenors and Bins

When our club is not busy people are welcome to approach the convenor to ask for help in setting up games. When we are busy please proceed to the Convenor’s table and place your paddle in one of the bins on the table. One bin is for the next game or games that are to be played. The other bins are for people coming off the court.

When your game is over you should place your paddle in either the winners or the losers bin. They are labeled.

For tournament players whose game is rated at 4.0 or better we have separate Winners and Losers bins.

If you are new to the club the Convenor can help you decide which bin to place your paddle in.

The Convenors try their best to give all players challenging match-ups, but occasionally the two groups will mix:

  • Sometimes this is done for socialization
  • Sometimes this is done to give recreational players a chance to play with stronger players.

Body Shots

Where there are games involving both strong and recreational players, the strong players must refrain from tagging or body shooting the recreational players.

We understand that body shots are a very important part of the game. However, we also feel very strongly that it's inappropriate for stronger players to take advantage of recreational players by tagging them. Not only is there the potential for injury to the social players, but it's also very intimidating to our members who are still picking up the game.

If you're a stronger player playing with recreational players, take the opportunity to utilize your other skills and encourage the social player. Do this rather than intimidating them with body shots.

Practicing as a Pair

Banding paddles together and playing as a pairing is allowed, but not for the entire session, and is at the discretion of the Convenor.

Anyone is allowed to decline to play against a particular pairing or player if they so choose.

Court Usage

The courts will be primarily used for doubles pickleball. Singles pickleball will be permitted when there are vacant courts. Similarly, the Session Administrator may allow for players to do drills if there are vacant courts.

Game Play Conduct

Players must respect the instructions of the Convenors or Session Administrators at all times.

For the most part, regular pickleball rules will be in effect with games being non-rally scoring to 11, win by 2, and no time limit. Players must limit their warm-up time to 5 minutes prior to starting a game.

During very busy sessions where there are a large number of players, the Convenor may opt to remove the win by 2 clause.

During extremely busy sessions, the Convenor may limit the games to be first to 9 points with a 1 minute warm-up.

Both of these options are at the discretion of the Convenor and will be used when necessary to speed up games and allow for everyone to play a reasonable number of matches.

Players may play only one game of pickleball at a time and must then come off the court after that game.

Protecting Other Players

When a ball from one court enters another court a warning of “BALL” should be called out. Play in the receiving court should stop immediately for safety reasons. The person retrieving the ball should determine which court it came from and return it there only. Please don’t bat or swipe at the ball to get it off your court.

Eye Protection

Eye protection at Progress Pickleball is not mandatory but is strongly encouraged and highly recommended. There have been a number of pickleball players who have suffered from eye injuries that could have been easily prevented by wearing protective eyewear.

Please be advised that if players choose not to wear protective eyewear while playing, they do so at their own risk. Should a player then subsequently suffer an eye injury, Progress Pickleball assumes no responsibility and cannot be held liable.

General Code of Conduct

Pickleball is a social game. Please treat all guests with courtesy.

No physical, verbal or emotional abuse will be tolerated.

There is one “change room” and three washrooms available. Please do not change your shirt in the open gym.

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