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Payment of Drop-In Fees
  updated Tuesday, April 18, 2023
  posted Tuesday, April 18, 2023
  filed in Announcements
  by Mike Livie

I cannot allow payment including coins below $1.00. To count nickels and dimes takes time. I would have to hire a ticket taker and not allow people on court until we verified they had paid.

This would involve increased pricing for everyone because someone wants to make a point by paying me with this "totally legal" currency.

Whoever this person is is cheating us. Today I spent several minutes counting and recounting this persons wrapped money: $4.70.

If someone can explain this sum to me please do so.

Please help me catch and dis-invite this person.

April 18, 20203

Loonies, Toonies or bills only.
Please try to have correct change.

  • 1 week: $0.95
  • 1 week: $1.10
  • Last 10 days: 1) $0.85, 2) $0.75

The fees are our rent.

I come in usually an hour early so you have a place to play. I won’t make time to count and recount your dimes and nickels.

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