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2020 USAPA/IFP Official Rulebook
  updated Thursday, January 16, 2020
  posted Thursday, January 16, 2020
  filed in Bulletin Board
  by Rahemin (Ray) Nanji
The 2020 USAPA/IFP Official Rulebook has been finalized and is now available for download.

The 2020 Ontario pickleball tournament season is about to begin and I wanted to let you know that a new version of the USAPA/IFP Official Rulebook is now available.

The 2020 Official Rulebook was finalized yesterday and replaces the 2019 Official Rulebook.

You can download electronic copies of both the 2020 Official Tournament Rulebook and the Major Rule Revisions using the links below. All documents are in PDF format.

Strange But True!

You probably already know that taking a timeout is an effective attempt to stymie the momentum of your opponents.

It's a legal part of the game and there is a whole section in the 2020 Official Rulebook devoted to timeouts (Section 10).

But, did you also know that you're able to take a medical timeout if you're bleeding? But here's the wacky part: you can only take a medical timeout if your injury or bleeding was not deliberately self-inflicted!

If the referee determines that you purposely mutilated yourself with the hopes of getting a medical timeout, you would actually be issued a Technical Warning or Technical Foul! It's all in Section 13.G.

Good luck to all of our tournament players this year! And remember to play by the rules.

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