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Tournament Report: 2018 Pan Am - Markham, ON
  updated Saturday, November 10, 2018
  posted Wednesday, October 31, 2018
  filed in Articles
  by Rahemin (Ray) Nanji
Updated Tournament Report for the 2018 Markham Pan Am Pickleball Championships held from Oct-26 to Oct-28 which now includes document and photo archives.

This year's Annual Pan Am Tournament was held from Fri-Oct-26 through to Sun-Oct-28 at the Pan Am Centre in Markham, Ontario.

The event was run primarily as an open, skill-based tournament with two divisions:

  1. Teams rated 3.5 and under;
  2. Teams rated 3.5 and over.

There were no age categories except for a unique Men's 70+ division which was played on Friday.

The table below shows the final standings for all teams that placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in their respective divisions.

  • Team names are in bold with the player names underneath;
  • Players that are Progress Pickleball Club members are highlighted in yellow.
Division 1st Place (Gold) 2nd Place (Silver) 3rd Place (Bronze)
Women's Doubles
3.5 & Under
Sharon Mansfield & Shelly MacDougall
Dare Doubles
Susan Ross & Kim Rowe
Niagara Winers
Tineke Houtby & Lisa Burke
Women's Doubles
3.5 & Over
Michelle & Anne
Michelle Chin & Anne Evans
Ella Whitaker & Jill Graham
Karin & Catherine
Karin Mundinger & Catherine Bolahood
Mixed Doubles
3.5 & Under
Pickleball 365
John Cameron & Stacey Hurley
Team 3.14
John Thompson & Shelley MacDougall
Gordon Chung & Antonia Tsui
Mixed Doubles
3.5 & Over
Cool Runnings
Cameron Taylor & Michelle Chin
Slam Dink
Rahemin (Ray) Nanji & Renee Di Giuseppe
Gil & Kim
Gil Metcalfe & Kim Porter
Men's Doubles
3.5 & Under
Pickleball 365
John Cameron & Harry Stewart
Alan Ogaki & Leonard Ogaki
Bob Chau & Malcolm Hales
Men's Doubles
3.5 & Over
Progress Picklers
Rahemin (Ray) Nanji & Mohammed Mall
Where's My Paddle
Jamie Chin & Graham Hilyer
Lance & Naz
Lance Heydon & Nazih Assi
Men's Doubles
Age 70+
Bill & Andrew
Bill Furse & Andrew Ling
The Old Guys
Allan McHugh & Stephen Phinney
The Aspirers
Eddy Wong & Malcolm Hales

Results provided courtesy of Tournament Director, Nizar Moosa

Special thanks to Nizar Moosa, the Tournament Director and Supervisor of Sports Development at the Markham Pan Am Centre, for organizing a well-run tournament. Thanks as well to his team of volunteers who worked tirelessly to keep the event running smoothly.

Thanks to all of our Progress Pickleball Club members who competed strongly in this tournament and who represented us well! And congratulations to all players who medalled.

Document Archive

All documents that were sent out by Tournament Director, Nizar Moosa, pertaining to the 2018 Pan Am Tournament have been archived below:

Photo Archive

The following is a link to a photo archive that has been provided by Tournament Director, Nizar Moosa:

Contributed Photos

One of our Progress Members, Mary Seto, was a volunteer at the 2018 Pan Am Annual Pickleball Tournament.

She generously contributed some photos that she took while at the tournament:

Medalists for Men's Doubles 70+

Medalists for Men's Doubles 3.5 and Over

Medalists for Men's Doubles 3.5 and Under

Medalists for Mixed Doubles 3.5 and Over

Medalists for Mixed Doubles 3.5 and Under

Medalists for Women's Doubles 3.5 and Under

Gold Medalists for Women's Doubles 3.5 and Over

Silver Medalists for Women's Doubles 3.5 and Over

Bronze Medalists for Women's Doubles 3.5 and Over

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