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New Tournaments Listed on Mini-Calendar
  updated Friday, January 17, 2020
  posted Monday, December 2, 2019
  filed in Bulletin Board
  by Rahemin (Ray) Nanji
For all you tournament devotees, our website mini-calendar has been updated with a number of upcoming 2020 pickleball tournaments in Ontario.

For all you tournament devotees, I've updated our website mini-calendar with a number of upcoming 2020 pickleball tournaments in Ontario.

These will show up as clickable, dark blue events on the calendar.

This year, many of the tournaments have been published much earlier. I recall that last year, most of the upcoming 2019 tournaments didn't get announced until about mid-January. Good to see that this year, tournament organizers are planning well in advance and giving you, the players, a chance to also plan your schedules in advance.

Like last year, I've aggregated the tournament listings from a few main sources: Pickleball Tournaments, Pickleball Brackets, PAO, GTPC, and the OSGA. Occasionally, tournament organizers will email me directly and so I'll also put those on our calendar.

The goal is to try to provide you a single source to plan your tournament schedule.

I'll continue to update our calendar as frequently as need be throughout the year as additional Ontario tournaments get announced.

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