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Progress Pickleball Monthly Newsletter - January 2019
  updated Saturday, January 5, 2019
  posted Saturday, January 5, 2019
  filed in Announcements
  by Rahemin (Ray) Nanji
The January 2019 Progress Pickleball Monthly Newsletter is now available.

Hi everyone,

I hope that you all had a wonderful Holiday Season. Happy New Year and all the best to you in 2019!

Here's your Monthly Newsletter for January 2019.

Special Thanks to Felix Sun

As we begin the New Year, I wanted to pay special thanks to Felix Sun for all that he's done over the past year to support our Progress Pickleball Club.

For those of you that may not know Felix, he is the owner of the Progress Recreation Centre and is also the Head Badminton Coach.

Felix is also the individual that has provided us regular club hours with sole access to his courts for pickleball play during those hours.

On many occasions over the past year, Felix has generously allowed us to play pickleball well beyond our allocated club session times. He's always been flexible in allowing our club extended play where possible versus balancing the needs of the badminton groups.

Please join me in thanking Felix for his ongoing support of pickleball and to our Progress Pickleball Club.

Special Thanks to Mike Livie

Thanks also goes out to our Club President, Mike Livie. Because of Mike, we have the opportunity to play pickleball 7 days a week.

Every morning, Mike opens up the club on time, sets up the nets, sets up the chairs, and washes the pickleballs when necessary. Even on statutory holidays, Mike still ensures our club remains open.

Thanks to Mike for all that he's done in 2018 to allow us to enjoy pickleball at Progress. We look forward to another great year!

Balls from Other Courts

We'd like to remind everyone about our Club Rules regarding balls from other courts.

We're still seeing many folks going onto other courts to retrieve a ball without first saying "ball" and without waiting for play to stop on that court. Also, some players are not halting play when "ball" is called.

This is very dangerous for everyone involved.

As per our Club Rules:

  1. Call "ball" when your ball enters another court.
  2. Wait for play to stop on that court. Under no circumstances should you pass through or behind the other court while play is in progress.
  3. Once play has stopped, you may retrieve the ball or ask one of the players to pass it to you.
  4. When "ball" is called for your court, you must immediately stop play on your court.

For more details, please see our Club Rules and the sub-section entitled "Protecting Other Players".

Loonies, Toonies, Small Bills Only

Here is a repeated request from Mike Livie about paying your drop-in fee:

"I have been as polite as I can be. However, I am still getting nickles and dimes. Occasionally quarters can be justified but please Loonies, toonies and small bills. I try to treat you with respect. Please try to reciprocate."

Paddles for Sale

One of our members, Larry Shulman is looking to sell 2 of his used paddles at discounted prices. He writes:

"1. Gamma Micron Paddle: Only used a few times. It is in very good shape with no visible marks. This is the original Micron, not the newer 2.0 version.

2. Wilson Energy Paddle: Used this one for about 4 months. It has a few marks on the edge, aside from that it is also in good shape.

Both would be great for newer players just starting to play. I would like to get $30 each, and if someone would like to buy both of them I would sell both for $50."

The paddles have been left with Mike, so if you're interested in them, please see Mike at the club.

Comparing Pickleballs

In case you missed it, one of our members Petio Zahariev wrote an excellent article comparing the Jugs Indoor Lime Green pickleball to the now discontinued Onix Pure 2 Indoor ball.

Like a mad scientist, Petio took the time to dissect the both balls and thoroughly analyze their characteristics!

If you haven't already read his analysis, you can find the article here.

Our Website

As always, we encourage you to visit the Progress Pickleball website regularly as it will be the first place where we will post club news or announcements.

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